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The Recovered Tapes

Las Cintas Recuperadas 2

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"Candeias 1975"

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Well, the claim here is that this was recorded in Buenos Aires in 1975, but I'd swear they brought Brasilian sand to the session because this sounds to me like it was recorded on Brasilian soil. Very sweet LP of South American Bossa Jazz from the mid 70's. Light & breezy like a wasted, lazy beach day. This record passes like breezes through the whispering palms of your mind. The next time you visit Rio, you too will be saying, "You call that a bathing suit?" "I can see your ass!". Enjoy!


01 El Tren de Tom
02 Paolinho
03 Zimbao
04 Managua
05 Sambaiana
06 Casa De Invierno
07 Palmieras

Guillermo Reuter: piano, fender, synths
Ruben Izarrualde: flute
Agustin Pereyra Lucena: guitar
Darci Soave: double-bass
Carlos Carli: drums and percussion

All compositions written by Guillermo Reuter
Produced by Guillermo Reuter and Jacques Subileau

This only album recorded by the band CANDEIAS in the fall of 75 displays a splendid brand of jazz fusion with an inclination for Brazilian roots, classical music and Latin rhythms. Under the banner of the Candeias (a south American bird) were five musicians originating from scenes as different geographically as musically:
- Guillermo Reuter: instigator of this project, piano and guitar player, composer and arranger from Argentina (1951). In 1969 he formed the group "Bossa Jazz 4" and in 1972 accompanied Nana Caymmi.

- Ruben Izarrualde: 22 years old, flautist prodigy, and music teacher from Argentina. Plays with the same ebullience and lyricism as Hermeto. Sheer class.

- Agustin Pereyra Lucena: Argentinian bossa nova guitarist (already with 4 Bossa Nova albums to his credit in 1975, aged just 27).
"AgustÌn Pereyra Lucena" (Tonodisc - 1016) 1970
"El increÌble Nan• con AgustÌn Pereyra Lucena" (Tonodisc - 1020) 1971
"Climas" (Tonodisc - 1060) 1973
"Ese dÌava a llegar" (Cabal 11005) 1975 released in France as
"Ce Jour Viendra" (Sonodisc) and in Spain as "Brasiliana" (Movieplay)
Later in 1988 he recorded "Puertos de alternativa" (Ultrasound 1021) in 1998 "Miradas" (Prestige and Acqua Records) and in 2000 "Acuerdos"
(Acqua Records). Vinicius de Moraes said this of Pereya: "I never heard, except for Baden Powell and Toquinho, someone so tied to his instrument. It seems that, if you took his guitar away, the music would vanish as if his arm were cut away..." (http://webs.uolsinectis.com.ar/aplucena/)

- Darci Soave: famed Brazilian double-bass player, who has played with Sergio MendÈs & Walter Wanderley, among others.

- Carlos Carli: Uruguayan drummer and percussionist, expert in polyrhythms.

This concise and delicate album, recorded in Buenos Aires and released exclusively in France, displays seven musical postcards, each more fascinating and enthralling than the other.

The only album ever recorded by the short-lived CANDEIAS. One of the finest of all the mpb styled jazz albums and oddly
by a group comprising mainly non-Brazilians. The overall sound has a Quarteto Novo feel to it with its inventive nordeste flavoured arrangements and beautiful wistful melodies. Solos and musicianship are breathtaking. Sounds as fresh today as it did 27 years ago.

Recorded Nov 1975 in Buenos Aires (only released in Spain as
gatefold lp and in France). Re-issued in 2001 in Europe.

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